Our recent campaign for Which? centred on the idea that by recruiting new subscribers by first engaging them with a campaigning or consumer rights message, they will be more loyal and less likely to cancel their subscription. Using a consumer rights message in broadcast media also allowed a more rounded and complete view of the Which? brand to be seen by the world at large.

what we did

"Hate unwanted mobile calls? Find them annoying? Do it now – stop the calls" was the simple message behind the TV ad, tapping into the frustration people feel by the ever-growing number of unsolicited 'spam' phone calls. We ran a two-week DRTV campaign in October 2015, followed by a regional week test in Scotland in December.


The campaign surpassed all expectations. In the two-week period, a target of respondents was set for the campaign. The actual response was tenfold the expected numbers received during the campaign. 

The insight into people’s annoyance with spam calls was clearly proven. Of the SMS responses, we achieved 63% conversion to TPS. From those conversions 75% signed a follow-up petition and 37% opted in to campaigning messaging.