The Salvation Army

Since 2008, WPNC has worked with the Salvation Army on their most critical campaign of the year: the Christmas Appeal. We have developed bespoke creative solutions that work across multiple media channels. At the heart of every execution are the key beneficiaries – the poor, the elderly and the homeless. And at the heart of our creative strategy lies authenticity; real stories from real people told in compelling ways.

what we did

The vision is to be ubiquitous at Christmas, maximizing donations to enable the Salvation Army to be a truly transformational influence. In an intensive 6-week marketing campaign running up to Christmas we run DRTV, digital, social and email advertising, warm donor appeal mailings, press advertising, inserts, 
door drops and cold direct mail.

However, DRTV has been the focus for many years, using our expertise and technical skills to deliver major campaigns providing a significant value of cash and volume of donors. And naturally, the new donors we recruit go on to feed subsequent warm and reminder mailings. Our work at Christmas is a valuable stream of income, performing at ROI’s that range from 2:1 to a remarkable 15:1 for warm direct mail.


The Christmas appeal has grown year after year. 2017 generated over £15 million and 2018 is projected to exceed this 
by some considerable margin. We can’t disclose the numbers in detail, but we can reveal all key metrics have been achieved, comfortably.

We are very proud of our Salvation Army work; 
in the last 10 years we estimate our work has raised 
over £140 million.