29th April 2016 is Oxfam's very first 'Dressed By The Kids Day', when the kids choose what their grown-ups wear for the day. We needed a commercial that hit the right balance between entertainment and moving people to take action. In this case raising awareness of the day itself and driving fundraising pack registrations, to make Dressed by the Kids Day a resounding success.

what we did

Research focus groups indicated that the key driver for adults taking part would be their kids' joy and revelry in the simple but delightfully mischievous task of finding all sorts of weird and wonderful items of clothing from their dressing-up box. 

But we needed more than just this to cut through the huge number of charity events and challenges out there. So what better way than to face this head on?

We created the 'Ultimate Challenge' DRTV spot. Using a film trailer style, cinematic voice over, we introduced a new ultimate challenge that belittles everything else out there. Tougher than a triple triathlon. Anyone can run, cycle or jump out of a plane. But it takes real guts to face the world as they want you to.


The campaign launched on 21st March ahead of the day itself on 29th April. The TV ad prompted thousands to text in to get their fundraising pack and sign up to the event. On the day, social media showed how engaged supporters were with the idea. See what people got up to by searching the hashtag #DressedByTheKids on Twitter and Facebook.

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