With key competitors spending more and more on marketing, KashFlow needed to up it’s game. Responsive TV was clearly an exciting new opportunity to explore for new customer acquisition. Our challenge was to prove the potential of this channel conclusively by acquiring new customers cost-effectively.

what we did

With a product as good as KashFlow, the key was to generate trialists rather the purchasers in the first instance. Our insight, aimed at SMEs in London and the South, focused on how worrying about doing your accounts – in particular your VAT returns – can hold you back from getting on with work. So we created an ad that brought that idea to life with a wry smile, combining it with a very strong offer; free trial for 30 days.


Success! We hit forecast response in our very first foray into what was a new and untried media channel for KashFlow. This is very encouraging and offers huge potential for high volume customer acquisition in the future.