There are currently 400,000 people in the UK with type 1 diabetes.  JDRF’s mission is to fund research to cure, treat and prevent the disease. However, one of the big challenges for the charity is to reach adults living day-to-day with the disease, who may simply not be aware of the support on offer, or the life changing research funded by the charity through donations.

what we did

The challenge was clear, and the agency’s strategic team set about creating a long-term engagement mechanic, delivered in 3 phases to bring the charity closer to its primary audience. Working together, agency and client teams settled on a single idea for the first phase of engagement. This was ‘InspiraT1on’ and it asked adults with type 1 diabetes to upload and share stories of what inspires them with other people who may be newly diagnosed or just having a tough time. In phase 2 of the campaign we tested how different types of content were able to drive key actions. Whilst phase 3 is a rolling digital marketing campaign featuring ‘hero’ content to generate engagement spikes, closely aligned with the charity’s comms and marketing calendar. 


A digital marketing campaign across Search, Display and Social brought new audiences into the dedicated InspiraT1on microsite. We reached more than 350,000 people with 10,000 either uploading, sharing or reading the stories. We’ve also gained tremendous depth of 
insight from testing what really sticks with this hard-to-reach audience. And the resulting model is still flexible enough 
to keep evolving into the future.