Our latest Tea break creative

By Lucy Tugby 15/11/2018

From Vikings to carrots and back to Norway to the world's largest sculpture park, our creative duo.  Stewart Sear and Bob Nash share their latest inspiration with us over a cup of 'rosy lee'.

Release your inner Viking
Bob: The latest ad for Amazon’s video streaming service is an absolute corker. I’ve never watched “Vikings”, but that didn’t matter. Because this ad is based on a great insight and beautiful casting. Oh, and it made me laugh. Twice.

Deeper beauty
Bob: My inner cynic rarely enjoys those ads where corporates flaunt their apparent social responsibility. Often these are no more than shallow, shameless sops to shareholders. But against the odds, I have to confess that #️iwillnotbedeleted by Rimmel is both relevant and emotional, causing a (perfectly arched) eyebrow to be raised in admiration.

Life in granite and bronze
Stew: I recently visited Oslo in Norway and made a trip to the wonderful Vigeland Sculpture Park. The park was created by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland - a permanent sculpture installation that lays bare the relationships and stages of the life of man (and women, and children).

Seeing one man’s life’s work laid out in such spectacular fashion, culminating in his breathtaking ‘Monolith’ must be seen to be believed.

Visit if you can, in the meantime read (and see) more here.

Kevin rides again
Bob: Whilst many brands have decided that saccharine sweetness is the way to go at Christmas, trust Aldi to kick against convention. The latest instalment of Kevin the Carrot’s adventures sees him starring in a neat spoof of the (inevitable) yuletide Coke ad, mashed up with The Italian Job. There’s even a genuine cliffhanger to enjoy. Oh, and (of course) this forms part of a wider Kevin-based campaign. He’s becoming a properly rounded er… carrot. 

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